Wedding Planner, Stylist or Coordinator?

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Even before you have thought about hiring a professional for your big day you may have heard the words “wedding planner”, “wedding stylist” and “wedding co-ordinator”.  These words are used and interchanged all too often. Yet, all these roles have very different duties and responsibilities attached so I thought I’d highlight their main differences to help combat any overwhelm and confusion in the early days of your search.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is the logistical and organisational eye of your wedding. They are your new wedding bestie, who by the end will know you, your partner, your family and even your guest inside and out! Planners ensure that all elements of planning flows seamlessly from the time you hire them until the special day itself, ensuring your vision is executed to perfection. They are on hand to undertake all wedmin, determine and manage the budget, attend site visits and other appointments such as dress shopping, source and refer suitable vendors, and to cast their professional eye over those all-important contracts.

Wedding planners often offer different “packages”. These usually consist of “full plan”, “partial plan” and “on the day” coordination options. The wide range of options allows you to access their expertise throughout the planning process which is great as everyone is different. However, full planning support is the most common choice amongst couples Although, if you feel like a set package is not the way forward for you do not be afraid to ask if they offer their services on a more bespoke and tailored service. Some planners also offer a design/styling option which allows you have your design and logistics handled by one professional as opposed to two.

Wedding Stylist

A wedding stylist role is one of pure aesthetics. They hold an artistic eye and can help create the ambiance and atmosphere of your wedding. They are essentially the interior designer of your wedding day. However, bringing a vision to life is a lot more than chair sashes and candles and this takes a lot of skill to execute correctly. Most venues lend themselves to being completely over-hauled and that can take a lot of vision and time behind the scenes and on the day itself.

A wedding stylist can help create the initial concept of the day, with colour palettes and any other props and decorations you require. Wedding stylists are not just great use for couples who know what they like but they can also be a great idea if you are unsure of how you would like your day to look or if you are having trouble deciding on one theme. Stylists tend to offer packages like wedding planners which can be a great way to help the budget and still create the vision you dream of.

Wedding Coordinator

A wedding coordinator is something you may have come across if you have already spoken to venues. They are often part of the in-house team at the venue and offer the logistical support on the wedding day itself. They are the person behind the curtain making sure your special day goes off without a hitch. However, in house co-ordinators typically offer a different level of support than an outside coordinator.  

All coordinators work with you a few weeks before the wedding and are there on the day. They do not offer logistical support for the earlier parts of the planning process and are usually hired when the couple are extremely organised. However, as I previously mentioned, a lot of wedding planners offer an “on the day” package which typically include more support than a as they can be on hand for slightly longer periods of time and can oversee other aspects of the planning as opposed to just the day itself.

As you can see from the short comparison above each role is quite different and involves different levels of support and expertise albeit sometimes with a slight overlap. The most important thing is you know exactly who you are hiring and what their role is throughout the process.

I hope this helped to clarify any confusion and gave you a little head start on your planning.

Lots of love,

Keyleigh x

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