Happy New Year- Wedding Postponement Tips

Bride and groom face to face wedding postponement

Happy New Year!

Well, where to begin already with 2021.

Weddings may not be back to “normal” as of now however, as a wedding planner (and lawyer formally) I am quite used to things going off track and having to think on my feet for a quick plan b.

I do not want this to be a negative post at all – quite the opposite.

Coming In 2021

At KMW HQ we have been busy working behind the scenes and coming up with ideas with the best way to serve you in 2021.  Starting this month, I have decided to share a reading or poem every month on the blog to give you a little inspiration, alongside more hints and tips so keep an eye out for these.

Top Tips

To start with I thought it may be useful to share my top 3 tips for any couple who have had to postpone their wedding:

  1. Keep a good line of communication with your planner (or if you do not have one – venue and other suppliers). This will firstly, help keep your mind free from extra concerns and secondly, ensure you and your team have the best amount of time to adapt if needed.

  1. Ensure you have all your ducks in a row. Whether this is double checking your playlist or making a list of all the things you are intending to take with you on the day. This list is always just as useful the day after when vacating your accommodation whilst still caught up in all the magic.

  1. As hard as this is, try not see this as anything more than an opportunity to bask in that engagement bubble a little longer.


My door is always open for anyone (industry friend or couple) who need a sounding board. Whether that is just to have someone listen to you or someone to bounce ideas off in order to create a plan b.


Weddings will be back and love always wins.  

Lots of love

Keyleigh x

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